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Chamber Membership

The Savage Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit volunteer organization founded in 1964. Our purpose is to unite businesses, professional people, and interested individuals who are dedicated to the ongoing development of our community.

The Savage Chamber of Commerce is comprised of over 220+ local and area, businesses, schools, and community organizations encompassing 400+ individuals. The Savage Chamber actively promotes member businesses and provides significant business and community connections by providing essential business resources.

Two Men Shaking Hands

Join Our Community

Volunteers Serving Food

Engage with your Neignbors

Have an Impact Where you Live.


What motivates people to join the Chamber?  Some say they have to; some say they ought to; some say they want to!  Here are some reasons why some of your fellow business owners are a part of the Chamber:

Erik Plaisted, Sterling Investments at Sterling State Bank

“Like most members, I joined the Savage Chamber of Commerce to grow my business.  What I didn’t expect, and what I am most pleased with is the personal relationships I have developed.  This is an organization that has extremely friendly people.”  

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